Thursday, March 12, 2009

White Rice Vs Brown Rice

White Rice vs. Brown Rice

OK everyone says how much better brown rice is, and for probably the past 5 years I have been making just brown rice.

However, I compared packages of white to brown, and from a vitamin standpoint the white was better. The brown and white rice had the same grams of protein and iron, but the white rice had more added B vitamins. The only advantage to the brown i saw was that it had more fiber, but really not a whole lot more. It only had 1 gram per serving. Now I can add veggies and beans to up fiber content in the white.

The white rice was more than 50% cheaper than the brown.
Second brown rice goes rancid relatively fast and I have to keep it in the fridge or freezer for freshness which takes up room. Not good for long term or emergency storage.

Now yes (at least I think - I would have to fact check) white rice by itself metabolizes faster in the blood stream and causes blood sugar to rise faster but when mixed with other protein or high fiber foods that slows it down.

Anyone else have any thoughts? I can buy a 5 pound bag of white rice for the price of a 2 pound bag of brown and the rest of the family likes it better. (However they do like my brown rice too because I can make it extremely yummy but it is chewier.)

So anyone know of any other reasons brown rice is suppose to be better? Just looking for some added input.

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Anonymous said...

Washing makes a big difference. Vitamins are added to white rice, therefore, if you whash it, then all you have is starches. Vitamins are lost in the washing process. I personally don't wash my white rice, although i use brown rice most of the time.