Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is anyone truly scared of global warming?

In light of many global warming demonstrations today- I want to ask - Who is really afraid of global warming?

First off I am a skeptic of man-made global warming. If the earth is truly warming, I don't think it is simply because of carbon dioxide- I think, if it plays a role at all, it is insignificant to natural causes. See article:
Global Warming - Is Carbon Dioxide Getting a Bad Rap?

I will admit that I am ignorant of the science, but I learned in school that carbon dioxide is what the plants breathed and then gave off oxygen. I think carbon dioxide would be a boon to plants along with global warming. In warmer climates is when there was the greatest diversity of species too.

Secondly I really am not scared at all. - If it is true, then things will just shift. One economy or area may collapse but others will reap the benefits. Some area may become desert but other areas new bread baskets. People would move and economies would shift. Not all that scary to me. I am just not getting it. Hmm maybe relocation to Canada or Siberia LOL

I am much more terrified of global thermal nuclear annihilation.

Although I am not truly concerned about global warming, I am concerned about reducing pollution. I want to breathe fresh air. Reduction of pollution is simply a good idea on it's own merits.

Just throwing this out for conversation since this blog, is a bit slow, but I am also interested in others opinions. Is anyone truly scared of global warming? Why or why not? My mind is open to the topic and my opinion is always subject to change.


patrice said...

I agree! We do what we can to recycle and cut back on waste etc because it's better for us in the long run but not because we're afraid the "planet has a fever". I think it's interesting to see how much money people are making off of this idea. So millionaires can use up as many resources as they want and purchase carbon credits but the rest of us are supposed to use crappy lightbulbs and cut our carbon footprints?

Of course I remember being scared that of the coming Ice Age that was predicted in the 1970s!

Susan Johnson said...

I had a huge epiphany recently when I heard a pastor make this comment: "If we can believe that God CREATED the earth, can we not also believe He is capable of SUSTAINING it?"

As a result, I've come to view the climate change/global warming movement as an arrogant farce because it must operate from the basic premise of humanity as the ultimate life form. For those of us who believe in a transcendent God, it just doesn't make any sense. That's not to say we should be cavalier and dump all our trash out the window. After all, God did establish us as His caretakers. In that regard, adopting a "green" lifestyle is simply good stewardship. But to think that we humans have any control whatsoever over the workings of the universe is absolutely ludicrous.

So in answer to your question, NO, I'm not afraid of global warming 'cuz it ain't real. What I AM afraid of are the self-serving, power-hungry politicians who use it as a tool to chip away at our freedoms.