Friday, December 11, 2009

My Orange Tree in December

Hi my friends, I know many of you are gardeners and homesteaders. I am neither, but I do have my one Orange tree in my back yard. I basically neglect it but I think hubby did actually fertilize it once or twice. Other than that the poor tree is on its own. So while many of you are under a blanket of snow I have lovely oranges on my orange tree. Oh and My doggies- Sadie the Min Pin, and Roxie the Maltese. :-)


Happy Hermit said...

so nummy !!!
BTW animals as fertilizers have their place LOL

jessabeth7 said...

Hi Deeny!
Thanks for visiting my site--although I will warn you that I haven't really posted anything since "coming out of her" and I don't even know what some of my old stuff says--it could be very "candy-headed"! lol I have been trying to poke around all of the ladies' sited I have come across at STC--a lot to look at, but it's like a whole new world has been opened up to me! Don't know when I'll catch up!
Also, house tours are always staged for pictures! I was hoping to post some reality pics of my house to show that real people live there.

Shannon said...

How cool! My mom has 2 apple trees- we're not certain what variety- not quite as sweet as a Gala but a tad more tart than a Honeycrisp.

She had us over to help rake her yard and made me pick all the apples I could reach off her tree. my freezer is stuffed with applesauce!

Hope you're having a good weekend.

Sarah said...

I thought I'd say hello. I've visited your blog a few times over the past week and have enjoyed your past posts.

Your orange tree looks lovely, the weather in my neck of the woods is a bit damp and cold for orange trees!

Deeny said...

Hi Sarah, I love to make blog friends and meet new people. I visited your blog briefly but will go back and look/read more when I have more time. With Christmas coming up, I seem to be very very busy. You have lovely decorations by the way. I am glad you like my blog- Please look past all the typos and grammatical errors. I really should proof read better. Some older posts I am just too lazy to fix LOL. SHHHHH don't tell anyone I once was a 7th grade teacher. Feel free to email or comment. I get lots of visitors to my blog but very few comments.

Lots of Smiles :-)

The Missus said...

Hi Deeny. This is my "official" unlurking. Freakin' out. Kay. Bye! LOL!!!

Tanya said...

Oh my goodness, your little Maltese looks exactly like my dad's Maltese, Sugar Ray. Aren't they the cutest things???

I used to have a mutt that I got free through the classified, we always wondered if he was part minpin, he had the markings, but not the personality. He was so laid back. Had the body type of a Jack Russell. We thought maybe he was a JR-Minpin mix, but with his laid-back personality, that didn't really fit!

We used to live in Florida; we're military and lived on base (MacDill). There were orange trees and lemon trees all over the base, it was so cool! One of our favorite things to do was to run along the bay at night after the kids were in bed. The bay was in our front yard. Tampa was a such a great place to live; I'd move back there in a heartbeat if we had a chance.