Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why I'm Catholic: My Studies in Clearing up the Misconceptions that I had about the Catholic Church


Rose said...

That is amazing Deeny. I had no idea you were not brought up Catholic. I will like to read why you switched from Baptist to Catholic. I was brought up Roman Catholic~loved the nuns and went to all girl Catholic Schools but when I moved to CT. I could not find a Catholic Church so I started going to Trinity Baptist Church with my husband. As you know it is a Bible believing church with no traditions~at least this one is. I have learned so much and have been attending for over 20 years now. Very upbeat Christian music. Lovely people. But I also like the Catholic Church and their traditions. I actually stopped using the saints as intercessors a long time ago and pray straight to Jesus. The Blessed Mother was the one I was closest to. I am still close to her but feel that Jesus is the only way to the Father and somehow I am disapointing Him if I pray to saints. I will try to read your articles and see what you have to say about this. Thank you for posting about this. I am sure so many people and families need to read this. God bless, Rose

Deeny said...

Hi Rose, Thanks for the info about the coconut oil. I'll have to see if i can order some. :-) I love to talk about my faith!, I love Jesus and His word. My blog is kinda eclectic and not as current as I use to keep it. My theology posts really were mostly for me but then I had a few friends that wanted me to share and for family members who wanted to know too since they too were curious why we became Catholic. But I write a lot about my special needs nephew and pro-life posts and have recipe posts and a lot of other domestic stuff too.
I have a question for you-- You said that you now only pray straight to Jesus, but do you ever pray for other people? Do you ever ask your family or other brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for you or your family? Catholics do not pray to the Saints. The saints have no power to answer prayer, only Jesus can do that. However we believe we can ask ( pray as in its broader meaning to ask) them to pray for us just as we ask our living brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ here on earth to pray for us. It is the same thing. If they are alive with Christ they are not dead. Mark 12:26-27 He is not God of the dead, but of the living. They are in the presence of Christ. The prayers of the righteous man availeth much. If they loved us and prayed for us while on earth why in the world would they cease praying for us once they are in heaven and in the presence of God. And who is closer to Jesus than his mother? We can certainly ask Mary to pray for us along with all the Saints in heaven just as we ask are brothers and sisters in Christ here to pray for us.