Thursday, December 11, 2008

Middle School Band Concert 12/11/08

Hi guys I just got back from my son's middle school band concert. It was awesome. One of the reasons I don't home school is I am in one of best, if not the best school district in the county. The music program at my son's school is the largest and I think best music program in the county. It is better than the middle school for fine arts. My son is in 7th grade and plays the alto sax. The same band director was there when my daughter was there 7 years ago. He is absolutely fantastic. Ok enough bragging, but I was so impressed. This is just the 7th grade band. The 6th grade band is bigger and the 8th grade symphonic band is about the same size. That is how big the band program is at his middle school. It is bigger than many high schools.
My son is the boy playing sax in the middle of the photo.

These video clips were taken on my inexpensive Kodak digital camera. The sound and picture quality are not great. There are also little clicks in the audio? These kids have only been playing about 8 months. Most of these kids never played an instrument prior. This is the 7th grade Concert band. They started playing the 2nd half of 6th grade.
Joyful Joyful

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