Thursday, July 16, 2009

Retro Aprons- My Next Sewing Project

View B Is going to be my next sewing project- I'll probably start tomorrow as I have to clean up the dining room which is also my sewing room.  If you can see the pattern package, these are vintage apron patterns from 1948 and 1952.  I have had this pattern for about a year and I bought blue and white polka dot fabric similar to that shown in view B for it. I just haven't gotten around to actually starting the project- so I think that is what I will try to start tomorrow.  I think they are adorable. I would offer to make them for people if anyone was interested, but then that would force me to get them done in a timely fashion and that is not my forte lol. 


Anonymous said...


I wear one similar to C, only longer (think Ma Ingalls), but I really like A. Maybe I should branch out??



Clare said...

I have something of an apron fixation.
Sadly, I can't sew, although I'm sure it's a pretty simple project.
I've recently had an old sewing machine serviced with the intention to start using it.
This sort of thing might be a good starter project.

On a side note, I wanted to let you know that ~M has left what looks like a very useful message for you on STC.
I didn't want you to miss it.

Stephanie said...

Hi Deana,

It was good to see your comment on my blog. I wish that we had as much luck as your family has with your nephew.

Our baby was not just diagnosed with TD, but she also had a missing vessel in the umbilical cord, a whole in her heart, one kidney, and her placenta was not giving her any nutrients. We had to terminate the pregnancy because unfortunetly she did not survive.

I am again glad to see that Samuel is alive, and although on a trach, living a good life. Another friend of mine her daughter is on a trach, and she too has high hopes of coming off it! I hope that he continues to have a good life.

Your friend,