Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Utility Room Remodel: No More Icky Concrete Floor

Yeah No more icky concrete floor- This is not the full remodel of my Utility Room but it is a start- Eventually we will get the new shelves up and the folding table but for now it is a start. Hubs finally tiled the icky concrete floor that I have been living with for at least 4 years. We aren't very speedy with home improvement projects.
Icky concrete floor. Those will be the new tiles.
Brand new washer and dryer. My old set died. I should have taken a picture of my old ones before they were hauled away but I didn't.
Had to get the laundry caught up before the project could start. Reminds me of the comment Milehi Mama said about her dryer throwing up in her bedroom. Mine well threw up in the living room LOL

Hubs cutting tile with the borrowed tile saw.
Placing the tile or gluing them down-- Whatever it is called in tiling talk.

Now for the grouting. Was worried the grout we picked was coming out too dark but it lightened to what it was suppose to upon drying.
Hubs hooking my new washer and dryer back up.
Very nice!!! No More icky concrete floor. :-)


Tia said...

Oh, lovely!

Lindy said...

How handy! It looks great!

kritterc said...

Love it!! I know you are enjoying the heck out of it.

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