Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day at The State Fair & Cracker Country

(Click on the above picture to learn what a "Cracker" is.
Just a beautiful Day in The South spent at the State fair and Cracker Country.
I am an original "Cracker". My Dad's side of the family came to Florida long before it was a state and is one of the original Florida Pioneer Families. (I know: I have the genealogy and a certificate that says so. ) My Dad's side of the Family originally settled in Clay County. :-)

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*J* said...

There's a similar museum about a half hour from where we live: a village with historic buildings and a 19th century theme. It's a great place to take the kids. My oldest two actually wanted to weed the garden there (that only lasted a short time, though). They are very hands on and let the kids try out different things like weaving, storing eggs, and grinding corn.
Sounds like a fun day.
What kind of things did you do at the fair?