Friday, February 5, 2010

My Backyard Vegetable Garden Endeavor: My Seed Babies

I am starting a vegetable garden in my city backyard. Actually since I am in an older neighborhood, I have a bigger backyard than the modern subdivisions, but it is still a backyard. I want to say that our house sits on a lot that is 120 X 90 feet, but I am not sure that is right- Those are just the numbers that stick in my head- That might have even been our old lot. Anyway, I have grown a few vegetables before with minor success, but I have always purchased the plants. I have never grown anything from seed. I also bought two rasied bed kits. Each Kit builds a 7' x 3.5' raised bed. I priced it out and it was cheaper than buying the wood and simpler for me to do than building my own. Because I never really gardened and only have a shovel, hubs bought me a garden fork that I asked for. He bought me a much nicer and sturdier one than I had originally picked out. Trust me, I am clueless on gardening and garden tools- So with the help of the internet and some knowledgeable friends and online buddies this is a new hobby for me. I need a hobby and this is also very practical. Well it will be pratical if it is successful. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I am going to try to prep the area and ground where I am going to put the raised garden beds. Wish me luck.

So here is the beginning of my endeavor and here are my seed babies. Aren't they cute. The broccoli was the first up, followed by the cucumbers, then tomatoes, the Spanish onions and green onions are just now making an appearance and a few of the carrots. No sign of the bell peppers, zucchini, or cantaloupe yet and I planted them all last friday. I just planted romaine lettuce, green beans, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, oregano and basil yesterday so none of them of course have sprouted yet.
So I will continue to post updates with lots of pictures as this endeavor progresses. It either will work or not. :-)

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