Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My New Recipe Reader and Cuban Chicken and Yellow Rice Recipe

With My Mother's Day Money I bought a frivolous toy. Ok it is not a toy and I love it. I have had recipe software on my computer for years and have an extensive collection of recipes. However my computer is not in the kitchen and I always had to print or write out my recipes off the computer to have them in the kitchen. Ok for what this gadget cost I could have bought a lot of ink and paper. However it is like a Kindle for the kitchen and I can put all my recipes on it. It is designed for the Kitchen and sticky fingers and kitchen spills and can be easily cleaned off. I didn't like using my ipod touch in the Kitchen cause I figured I would ruin it some how. Here is my Demy Reader.
They have a Cool Site (that is free) where you can post and share your recipes and organize them online and you don't need a reader. Feel free to Join- Befriend me if you do.

Here is one of my Recipes that I uploaded to the site- Now I can Make a Cool Digi Recipe Card to add to my Blog-
Go Ahead and click the tabs :-)

Chicken and Yellow Rice

Authentic Cuban American Recipes: Chicken and Yellow Rice, Cuban Bread ...

See Chicken and Yellow Rice on Key Ingredient.


Amanda said...

Suuurree...then you have to add insult to injury and post PICTURES of your new toy, lol.

Looks super cool. I think I'm just glad I don't live close enough to you to come over and play with it and REALLY get jealous.

Rose said...

Hi Deeny~thank you for visiting. You have a really great blog with so many delicious recipe's. I saw your blog for weight watchers. I am also staying on a healthy eating program trying to lose some weight little by little. God bless, Rose