Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Plan Monday May 10- May 16 Weight Watchers' Friendly

I skip the rolls and sometimes skip or go easy on the starchy complement side dish, but I feed a big 
hubby and a 22 year old special needs son and a teenage son who are skinny and need the extras.

Sugar Free Jello and fruit Salad
Crockpot Salsa Swiss Steak 5pts
Dinner Rolls

Tomato and Cucumber Salad

Corn on the Cob
Tossed Salad
Peaches and Cottage Cheese Salad (Canned peach half with cottage cheese in the hollow)
Green Beans
Tossed Salad
Garlic Bread Sticks
Buttered Noodles with Parmesan Cheese or Herbed Rice
Festive Lettuce Salad
Dinner Rolls


Eileen said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting at my blog, Deeny ;o). As I am learning a whole new way of eating 'non' bread items (this, from my doctor, not my own choice), I can still say 'nice menu!' and adapt what I can from this. Seriously. Nice menu! We have 2 'out of the nest'ers who are 24 and 23 (irish twins*). Life's a little easier nowadays. Well. Except that Junior rises between 3 and 5 a.m. most days. I thank God for coffee. Seriously. LOL!

Deeny said...

>>Except that Junior rises between 3 and 5 a.m. most days.<<

My oldest who is totally blind has no internal time clock. Many times he doesn't sleep through the night and is wide awake on just 2 to 4 hours sleep. He still gets his days and nights mixed up. Keeping his schedule very routine helps but it is not perfect. However he is good at entertaining himself and plays quietly if he is up at night and usually doesn't wake the rest of the family.

Candy ♥ said...

Thank you for your recent sweet comment :)