Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grooming Day: To Cut or Not To Cut that is the question?

Today is grooming day. I love my little Maltese. She is beautiful when brushed and groomed and straight out of the groomers. However that lasts about an hour after we get home then it is out the door and she is playing in the dirt, the bow is out, and the next thing I know I have mats again. I try to groom her every night but that doesn't always happen. She has so much hair, it is sometimes hard to find the mats. Every evening I have spent a ton of time combing out mats. I have even had to cut out a few. I am seriously thinking of getting her a puppy cut. It is called a puppy cut because it is a cut that resembles what a puppy Maltese coat looks like. Instead of her long flowing coat, they cut the coat to about a 2" length all over. They leave the hair on the head tail and legs longer.

One part of me has real anxiety about getting her hair cut. The other rational side of my brain says everyone will be happier with a puppy cut, including Roxie.

Roxie before her groom today.

I did it. I dropped Roxie off at the groomers and we talked about a puppy cut and I gave the go ahead. The groomer said if I didn't like it we could always let it grow out. I have had bad haircuts in the past now I am worried and obsessing about a bad haircut for a dog. Geez I'm ridiculous. Actually I trust Julie (my dog groomer) She has always done a better than fantastic job. I will be picking up Roxie later today.

Back From The Groomers
It Turned Out Great!
Here is Roxie in her new shorter "Puppy Cut" hairdo

See My Pretty Orange and Black Pumpkin Halloween Bows
Now I'm all tuckered out and need a nap. Good night.

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