Monday, October 13, 2008

I am Spoiled and a Wimp! I need Air Conditioning!

 On this blog I have stated that I live in the South East US, but I am sure I have left clues as to what state I am specifically from and the observant person could probably pretty accurately guess.  Well if I haven't already, I am probably going to give it away in this post.
      I could not have lived in this state 60 years ago when the majority of people who lived here still didn't have Air Conditioning. I am a complete wimp. Our AC  broke on Friday. Not the whole thing but the blower motor thingy. So hubby said we couldn't run it until we get the replacement part. That will be tomorrow Tuesday-- Hopefully!! It is over 90 degrees and very humid and it is the middle of October. It isn't the hot summer months of June, July, or August it is October!  All windows open and ceiling fans going and it is still hot, hot, hot. How did people use to do it? No wonder this state didn't really become populated till after the 1940's. No wonder people go back north in the Summer. It is just too hot. Now on my Dad's side of the family we go back several generations in this state. How did the pioneers of this state do it? I can't imagine wearing long skirts and petticoats. OK I now understand the need for huge hoop skirts!! Air circulation. Part of the problem I realize is that houses are no longer built efficiently for cooling. Old houses had tall ceilings, breeze ways and lots of windows. and faced I think north. I am a spoiled wimp. I can't stand it. I'm hot sweaty and at night can't sleep even with a fan blowing directly on me. Funny I'm fine when we go camping and can endure the heat, but in my own home I just can't stand it. Maybe it is a psychological thing. The house is suppose to be cool. OK thanks to anyone reading this for letting me rant. One more day! I know I can survive one more day without AC. 

    Have a great day all and for all of you in the North who are enjoying beautiful crisp cool Fall days I am truly envying you right now. Enjoy it.

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Saved Sinner said...

Wow 90 degrees - we've been using our central heating for over a month now! (I live in England.) I did spend a night in MS without a/c one July though so I can understand how bad it must be - hope you get it fixed soon.
Susan. :o)