Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Backyard Vegetable Garden Endeavor: Part 5

My Backyard Vegetable Garden Endeavor: Part 5
Things are growing nicely. The pepper plants, however, are growing very, very slowly. Do green pepper
and  jalapeƱos grow slow normally? Something is making holes in the leaves of the broccoli, but I don't 
see anything. The lettuce, carrots, and spinach are growing fast. And 3 out of the 5 tomato plants I planted are finally taking off.
Two, however are still small?


Shannon said...

Wow- that looks great! I have been longing to have a garden for years and want to build some raised beds.

Deeny said...

Thanks- It is all trial and error. Like someone else we know, i decided i wasn't going to over-think it. :-)

Diane said...

oh, you are making me jealous with your garden, just starting mine. Last year was a flop, deer ate everything, (first time that happened to me). It broke my heart, especially since I start everthing from seed!! Good luck!