Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Computers From About 1986 To The Present. Or Let's Look At Some Very Old Computers.

My IMac Running Leopard OS X

We spent Christmas 2007 gift money on a brand new computer. We did not need another computer. This makes 5 we have at present. This does not count the many computers we have laid to rest over the years. The first computer we owned, we got in the 80’s. It was a hand me down Radio Shack computer that my parents had bought new in about '79, but gave to us about 1986. I want to say it was a Radio Shack TRS -80 something. Notice it was cassette load. That was before floppies were even popular. Can you believe that? Wow! It was only a 64K or was that 16K machine? I can't remember. Anyway the memory was ridiculously low. Memory for the word processor program we had for it only held about 16 pages of typed text. Well anyway, that computer didn’t last long.
Next came another hand me down computer from my parents. The Trs-80 model 3 first came out in 1981. We got this one about 1989. Hey we got it for free. Back then free was very very good. Actually free is always very very good. :-) My dad really liked computers too. He passed away in '94. He would be amazed at today's computers. This was a Radio Shack TRS-80 III. We have moved from cassette load to floppy disks.

Our first real computer was a Mac Performa 550, circa ’93. Move up to 3" hard disk drive and new CD drive. I think CD drives had just really come out.
Next I believe came my Mac Powerbook 540c circa ’94.

Then came the Power Mac 6500 (The only Mac I didn’t Like) around ’97.
Next was the Power Mac G4 that we got in 2000.

It is still an awesome computer and has been viable for over 8 years with hardware and OS/software upgrades. However it is a little slow and gets bogged down with all the web media today, but is still useful and works just fine for most things. Next was Hubby’s Windows Dell laptop machine he got from work for work. Then around 2002 or 2003 we broke down and got a very inexpensive windows Emachine. We only needed it for a few programs that we couldn’t get for the Mac at the time. I hate the windows machine. I am definitely a Mac person, probably because I have had them forever and I am very comfortable with them. There is not a problem getting any kind of program for the Mac these days, and almost all the programs are universally compatible with windows now. So this year darling daughter started college and we got her, her own laptop, also an inexpensive windows machine. She wanted a Macbook for her art classes, but the windows machine will have to do. She actually likes it now. So recently we just purchased my dream machine. A 20” IMac running Leopard OS. So I am happily playing with IWeb today and blogging among other things. :-) Have a great day

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