Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Quintessential 80's movie list

For Amanda (And anyone else who stops by)

The quintessential 80's movie list --Created by Me
I am an 80's junkie- I graduated high school in the 80's, Went to college in the 80's, Met and married my hubby in the 80's, Had 2 of my 3 children in the 80's. (I have indoctrinated my kids with all things 80's so they have seen most of these with the exception of the rated R ones. Well except my daughter who is almost 20 has seen the R ones)

How many have you seen?

What would you add?

Any Way Here's My List
(They are not in chronological order - I'm too lazy to put them in chronological order. They also are not in order by favorites. They are in the order off the top of my head.)

1. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
(Because my English teacher, believe it or not, had us read the book. This movie came out during my senior year in high school. I knew a person like every character in that movie. I also like the movie because it is one of the few movies that I have ever seen where a character from that movie has my name. One of the cheerleaders in that movie has my name.)

2. War Games - The movie that started Matthew Broderick's Career

3. Footloose --- Sarah Jessica Parker before she was famous

4. Splash-- The movie that started Tom Hanks Career

5. The Breakfast Club (Because the whole movie takes place in a school library- talk about a cheap movie to make- but again brings back memories of high school in the 80's)

6. Sixteen Candles

7. Terminator

8. St. Elmos Fire

9. Gremlins

10. Blue Thunder

11. Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Kahn

12. Star Trek 3 The Search For Spock

13. Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home (My personal favorite)

14. The Empire Strikes Back

15. The Return of the Jedi

16. Ghost Busters

17. Raiders of the Lost Ark

18. The Last Star Fighter (Not a block buster but very cute)

19. National Lampoon's Vacation

20. National Lampoon's Christmas vacation

21. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

22. Lady Hawk

23. Working Girl

24. Mister Mom

25. Batman (The one with Michael Keaton)

26. The Money Pit

27. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (Before Keanu Reeves was cool)

28. Back to the Future

29. Back to The Future 2

30. Back to the Future 3

31. Top Gun

32. The Princess Bride

33. Willow

34. ET

Added by Commenters

35. Valley Girl added by The Prodigal Daughter

36. Adventures in Babysitting- Added by Rachel

37. Weird Science-- Added by me

38. My Step Mother is an Alien-- Added by me

39 Crocodile Dundee- Added by me

40. An Officer and a Gentlemen

41. The Karate Kid

42. Arthur

43. Airplane

44. Pretty in Pink- added by the Prodigal Daughter

45. Three Men and a Baby

46. Blade Runner

47. Die Hard

Added by Jessica

48. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (another SJP one with lots of dancing)

49. Top Secret (probably obscure, but Val Kilmer is in it)

50. Real Genius (another Val Kilmer one... VERY eighties music, hairstyles, etc.)

51. Spaceballs

52. Dirty Dancing

Added by Anonymous

53. THE GOONIES! Your forgetting The Goonies!

Added by Tia

54. Some Kind of Wonderful

55. White Nights (I know I mentioned this one on "that other site")

56. Mask (yeah, I'm an Eric Stoltz fan)

57. Aliens!

58. Bull Durham

59. When Harry Met Sally

Added by Cathy

60. Ice Pirates

61. Lethal Wean

62. Lethal Weapon 2

63. Beverly Hill's Cop

64. Trading Places

65. 16 Candles (Wow how could I have left out 16 Candles- Sorry Don that was an oops on my part)

Added by Don

66. Where the boys are 84

67. Vision Quest

68. Roadhouse

Added by Me

69. Hard Bodies
(No I actually have never seen it- But it played at the movie theatre I worked at in '84 and I remember the line being out the door Hmm maybe I did peek in and saw bits of it? I have a bit of deja vu )


The Prodigal Daughter said...

Like, wow you totally forgot Valley Girl! Like that was way before Nick Cage was famous!

Tia said...

My favorites...neither were big then, but since, they're cult classics in some circles...

Some Kind of Wonderful

White Nights (I know I mentioned this one on "that other site")

Mask (yeah, I'm an Eric Stoltz fan)


Bull Durham

When Harry Met Sally

Oh, the memories this post, and the comments and additions, are bringing back! I feel so old. But, in a good way. Some of these movies are among the ultimate classics of all time.

Rachel said...

Adventures in Babysitting! Or, Babysitter as my kids call it. We just watched it on tv a few weeks ago! We all love that show :)

I constantly stuggle with organizing too! It does NOT come naturally.

Deeny said...

Adventures in Babysitting
Number 36

Elizabeth: said...

LOVE this list! Im on a john hughes kick and its slowly spiraled down into an 80s movie marathon!

don said...

Hi Joy I am also a lover of 80s movies and music. You should add 16 candles to your list.


Deeny said...

Wow Don How in the world could I have left out 16 Candles- That was a bog oops on my part
Sorry- I will add it immediately :-)

don said...

Wow your fast Thank you for the add Here are some more that I thought were great 80s movies Roadhouse and 10 things I hate about you. I think that one is the 80s. I will look for or try and think of more.

thanks Don

don said...

Here's 2 more Where the boys are 84 and vision quest

Deeny said...

Don I added the others :-) Thanks but 10 things I hate about you is a 90's movie

don said...

Sorry about 10 things I hate about you but it's from 99. Wow that one reminds me alot of the 80s movies.

don said...

here are a few more movies from the 80s. once bitten,American gigolo,my best friend is a vampire,vamp,who's that girl,the howling movies. I am not sure how many of them are 80s.The color of money with Tom Cruise also.

Anonymous said...

Babes in toyland!!!

Anonymous said...

you forgot: RAD, Big, once bitten, babes in toyland, stand by me, lost boys, parenthood, howard the duck,funny farm, porky's, uncle buck, christine, planes trains and automobiles, caddy shack, the garbage pail kids, ernest goes to camp, ernest goes to splash mountain, prancer, Friday the 13th, A nightmare on elm street, Rain man, cocktail, risky business, Bachelor Party, Mannequin, the man with one red shoe, Turner & hooch, Blue lagoon, she devil, scrooged, tootsie, Road house, The outsiders, Good Morning Vietnam, Heathers, Pet Sematary, Lucas, Revenge of the Nerds, silver bullet, Loverboy, stripes, Stealing home, the accused, and thats about all i can think of for now lol

Anonymous said...

How about Can't Buy Me Love. One of my fav's from the day.