Monday, January 12, 2009

Home Management Binder- My Schedule -- Under Development

Ok another attempt by me at better home management by once again working on a type of home management binder in the quest to find something that works for me.

I am not a schedule person, but I have discovered that as a Stay at Home Mom I do need some kind of schedule or plan else I don't make good and productive use of my time. I am a procrastinator and a time waster.

One of the smartest things I have learned from my engineer husband is to get the machines up and running. When the machines aren't running at my husbands plant it means less productivity. The machines can be running while you get other things done.

My Early Morning Schedule

My early morning schedule consists of getting breakfast or having breakfast options for hubby and the boys. I get up first and help my special needs student get dressed. I also pack everyone's lunches however the boys do help with that. Everyone makes their own beds and hopefully keep their bathrooms tidy. I'll check tidiness of bathrooms later in the day.

After everyone has had breakfast, is dressed and off to work or school. I am going to sit here and have a cup of coffee, (ok I don't do coffee, it is actually a diet coke) and typing this post I am going to do the following (hopefully);

My Morning Schedule:
(I will have to see how long all this takes and adjust accordingly)

1.Unload and load the dishwasher
(I was lazy last night and didn't quite finish cleaning all the dishes. Yes I left a load over night.)

2. Load the washing machine with a towels load and get it going.

3. Start dough in the dough maker for rolls (I am only going to use half the amount of butter because I think my roll recipe is too rich for every day.)

4. Start Dinner in the Crockpot.

Da Da
All the Machines are Going.

5. Exercise - this amounts to my walking tape. It is only a half hour. I have to start somewhere.

6. Shower/ Dress/ makeup (Only included so I can calculate a time frame)

Hmm what next?

7. fold and put up laundry that is sitting in the living room.

8. Work on a needed organization or deep cleaning project
Today will be to tackle the dismantling the Christmas tree and putting away rest of Christmas decorations.I took down all the out door decorations and lights yesterday.

9. I am guessing it will be about lunch time now. Fix healthy nutritious lunch for me.

10. Make a batch of cookies so I have a supply for lunch boxes.

11. Finish rolls up throughout the day, attending to as needed.

12. Straighten family room and spruce up kitchen.

OK That is all I have so far for today.
Now that it is such a nice list I guess I should follow it.

Please share tips and ideas.

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