Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Most Comfortable Shoes, They Cured My Plantar Fasciitis

Move over Birkenstocks, these are awesome shoes. I just got 2 new pairs yesterday. They are different styles, but they both have the same foot bed. I wore out my old pair after 2 years of continuous wear. I was having really bad foot/heel pain. It is a condition called
Plantars Fasciitis. I was ready to go to the podiatrist. On the advice of my friend, I gave these shoes by Think a try first. I noticed the minute I tried them on that they were very comfortable. I could sense an immediate improvement. My plantars fasciitis did not go away imediately, but aparently these shoes gave my feet time to heal. With wear, the footbed molds itself to your foot for a custom fit. I don't know what this company did, but they got shoes right. The company is called Think Shoes. I got mine at a local store called Happy Feet Plus but you can get them from several places online.
     After four months the condition was tremendously improved and the pain was pratically gone even after long days of walking. After 6 months I would say they cured my Plantars fasciitis. The pain is totally gone. The shoes are pricey. I got these two pairs on clearance and they still were pricey. However the cost is worth it. I know it saved me a ton of money in podiatrist fees and orthodics. They do have dressier shoe styles, but they don't have tennis shoes. Now I just need to find a good pair of tennis shoes. Another friend recommended I try New Balance shoes for that. So that will be my next shoe purchase.

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