Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Pantry Makeover

I finally tackled cleaning and organizing my pantry. I discovered I had 3 containers of dried onions LOL. This was a job that had been needed for a long time. The shelves were falling down and about to come out of the wall. Hubby bought me new shelves. They are fantastic and such an improvement.
Pantry Partially unloaded.

Old yucky sheleves removed.
Pantry closet cleaned and freshly painted.
New Pantry Shelves. Home Depot special.

All Done! YAY :-) I can find things again.
Cute picture of one of my puppies just back from the groomers. Just because. :-) Have a great day. Deeny

1 comment:

motherofmany said...

Very cool! I love to see other people's pantries.

The dog is cute, too!