Monday, August 11, 2008

TV Mom's Retro Housewives

Ok I want to talk about TV Land Moms of Old- Not exactly reality, but TV is a reflection of the culture and times, and reflected the norms, values, or at least the ideals of society. (OK I just thought about that for a moment- I think TV use to reflect the ideals and values of society. Reflecting for a moment on current shows today, many I hope are not reflecting the ideals but the anti-ideals of society. The show Two and a half Men came to mind- a show that reflects the oppisite of normal societal values. At least I hope. Anyway I digress.)

Back to the topic at hand. When I was a kid most moms did not work outside the home. No I am not ancient - I am in my early 40's. As a kid I watched the TV shows of that era. The era where almost every family situation comedy the mom was a stay at home mom and house wife. The era when it was the norm and very respectable. These are some of the shows I remember.
A walk down memory lane.

I have linked them to some you tube clips. I thought maybe the younger moms that happen by my blog might be amused at some of the clips since many of these shows were before their time. 

Actually Except for the Brady Bunch I would have watched all these shows as reruns because I would have been a baby when the ones in the 60's came out and not born yet for the  ones in the 50"s.  So I guess most of these were before my time too. :-)

The Brady Bunch

Please Don't Eat the Daisies



The Dick Van Dyke Show

Father Knows Best
Before my time but I watched re-runs

Leave It To Beaver
Before my time but I watched re-runs

The Donna Reed Show
Before my time but I watched re-runs

I Dream Of Jeannie

Ozzie and Harriet
Before my time but I watched re-runs

I Love Lucy
Before my time but I watched re-runs

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