Thursday, August 21, 2008

Starving College Student Survival: Biscuit Mix to the Rescue

Cooking from scratch is usually the cheapest way to go, but cooking totally from scratch is not practical for the average college student. It is also not practical to have a small dorm kitchen fully stocked with all kinds of baking supplies such as 5 lbs flour, 5 pounds sugar, baking soda, baking powder etc.

Biscuit Mix to the Rescue
A good compromise is the extremely versatile Biscuit Mix. Bisquick is a name brand, but there are also other brands such as Jiffy and Store brands. I don't like Jiffy because it uses lard or at least it use to use lard, but to tell you the truth, I haven't checked the labels lately. My store sells a store brand that is still the cheapest. Of Course there are all kinds of homemade versions but again making a homemade version isn't convenient or practical for the College Student.

As I said in my other post, it isn't wonderful whole wheat or whole grain, but it is much healthier than ready made baked goods with their high fructose corn syrup and other junk. Also it is much more affordable than buying ready made stuff.

It's real genius, however, is it's versatility. Look at all the things you can make with it and water or just a few other cheap basic staple ingredients.

My Baking Mix Recipes Index, I will be adding More Recipes as I find or create them.


motherofmany said...

YEP- Jiffy still uses lard. Found that out going through the cupboard the other day after reading about many of the 'who would have thought' non-kosher foods.

If you'd like, I have a large box of items to donate to your starving college student collection!

Deeny said...

>>If you'd like, I have a large box of items to donate to your starving college student collection!<<

That sounds awesome, but do you mean suggestions, meal ideas and recipes? Or actual items? If you meant actual items wouldn't shipping be expensive?

DD moved back into the dorms yesterday. It will be interesting to see how she sticks to a very tight budget and has to cook everything for herself. :-) She has a job on campus that will help. She cooks some, but has never had to do everything all by her self. i.e.: All the planning, budgeting shopping and decision making herself. I've tried to teach balancing nutrition and economy. It will be interesting to see how she does. Also budgeting, cooking, etc for one is different than cooking for a large family.
Thanks Again Motherofmany
I can always use any suggestions or creative ideas in this area.
Have a great Evening. :-)

motherofmany said...

Sorry- I just got back here. Yeah, I literally have a box of stuff I could send. I don't think it would be expensive at all- it's all light stuff like biscuit mix and Jell-o.

Many people helped me out when I was in college, so this is my way of paying it forward!

motherofmany said...

Seriously. If you still have my email, you can email me your address. Or send it in a comment (I won't publish). There aren't any soup kitchens close and I'd hate to just throw them away.

Anonymous said...

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