Wednesday, August 13, 2008

GRRR What a morning. But then a tiny Miracle happened.

Ok before I rant, I have to admit I have nobody to blame but myself but still Grrrr.

       Ok school starts next Monday and students entering certain grades need certain shots. Ok I thought my youngest was all caught up. So I called the Pediatrician just to double check. I also asked them to get a copy of his shot records together for me to pick up. Well, I called this Monday and they said they would call me back. I didn't get a call Tuesday, so I called back this morning. Apparently he is missing one needed shot. They said that he has to have a physical before he gets the shot, and the earliest time they can give me is the Friday after school starts. They won't let him in school without it, so that will mean he will miss the whole first week of school. Well I know (I am pretty sure) he had this particular shot when he had to get stitches a few years ago.That was in a Hospital in a different county because we were on a camping trip at the time. However, I don't have documentation for this. I called the Hospital two counties over where he got the stitches, and asked for the medical records department. They of course won't tell me anything over the phone. They say I have to go there in person and sign a release form. That is 150 miles away and I am not 100% positive he got the shot then, I only believe he did. I called one walk in Clinic and they won't give the shot without a physical and they can't give a complete physical without his medical records. I called medical records office at the pediatricians and they are swamped and can't pull and have his records till this Friday at the earliest.  

        I procrastinated getting him this years physical because I had mistakenly thought he was all caught up on his shots. Also, he didn't need another one yet for Scouts because the one he had on file was good for 3 years.

      So I am mad at myself!!!! If I can get his records Friday and get him into the walk in Clinic for the shot, he still has a chance of being able to start school on time.  If not, he will be late starting school. It's my fault for procrastinating and not checking earlier!!! This extra shot (a booster) is a relatively new requirement. My older kids didn't need it.

    Guess what happened while typing this!!! It pays to be nice! 
    When I called the Pediatricians office first thing this morning, the nurse was a bit defensive with me and gave me the standard lecture of how it was my responsibility, I should have not waited to the last minute etc.  I didn't get snippy - I agreed with her that it was my fault. I told that I just now needed to know how to proceed  and how to get this taken care of.

    Well she just called back!  I guess, because I was nice and not like all the other grumpy parents who waited to the last minute, they are going to work me in tomorrow morning. She called back and asked if I was able to contact the other hospital and I had told her no that they wouldn't give me any info over the phone, that I would have to drive there in person. I think she felt sorry for me. Yeah!! It pays to be nice and accept responsibility for ones actions and not blame others for your mistakes. Oh and repentance and prayer helps too. :-)

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