Sunday, June 8, 2008

Family Photos

Since I talked about my kiddos in the last couple of posts here are some photos. This is my eldest. Being blind, his eyes are closed in most pictures. He has no light perception, so he has no need to keep his eyes open. Actually many blind kids keep there eys closed or droopy. In his case the eyeballs themselves did not grow as he grew so they are sunken back. They also are blue cloudy and opaque looking. We had considered artificial eyes at one point but they would be a lot of work to take care of. Also to be fitted with the artificial eyes, they would have to extract the eyeballs. It makes me queezy just talking about it. Anyway, the way he looks doesn't bother us. It is funny, however, when we get professional photos taken because the photographer always apologizes that his eyes are closed in all the shots.

Darling Daughter.
Youngest Son Indoor Rock Climbing
Picture of All of Us Christmas Morning 2006


Tia said...

Beautiful family Deeny; thank you for sharing the pictures.

butterflygirl said...

Awesome pictures Deeny! What a beautiful family you have!