Sunday, June 8, 2008

Follow Up To the Homeschool Post and Ramblings

Thank you guys who posted for the wonderful comments. I am brand new to the blog world, even though I have had my own kitchen websites and home daycare websites up in the past. Actually they are still up because when I quit AOL I just assumed the accounts would be closed and they would disappear. I was wrong, they remained up, I just have no more access to them and can't change or update them. So that is something to remember if you change internet services etc. But back to blogging, it is different than just putting up a website. It is kinda scary putting your personal thoughts out there into cyberspace
Anyway, I was concerned at posting on such a controversial topic. I am not controversial and hate conflict. However I had gone to one site (None of your sites who responded) and read an article that came across very harsh. (I am not sure the author meant for the article to come across as harsh) But the author made it sound like that if you were a "true" Christian or a "Good" Christian you would homeschool at all costs. Almost as if your Christianity was suspect if you didn't homeschool. It just seemed to come across as so judgmental to me. So I hope I never come across that way. I also know that it so hard to judge the "tone" of posts on forums and such.
I really love all the homemaking sites. I am desperately trying to get organized. As I have said, I am not by nature the most organized person. It is definitely a struggle for me. I am trying to make what is called a home binder? I like the Fly Lady's site. I actually have made one. It looks great. However I actually haven't followed it yet. I need to be more disciplined in my house keeping. So if you have any tips I will gladly take them. I like the idea of eliminate and simplify. We moved to this house in 2001 from a tiny 1260 sqft, 3 bedroom 1 bath house that had a car port and no garage. This house is 2507 sqft has 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths and 2 half baths and a 2 car garage. We are busting at the seems. I have no more storage space. We have too much stuff. I don't know how we survived 13 years in our tiny house, but we did. It is amazing how you end up acquiring stuff to fill the space your in. So I especially like the Simple Living Sites like "Lentils and Rice". I am definitely trying to reduce stuff. My Hubby hates garage sales and doesn't like to deal with them. He prefers just to give the stuff away and that is fine with me. Anyway have a great Sunday :-)

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Tracy said...

I have a feeling I know the blog you're talking about. That was what came across to me too, and I just don't believe that God would have all the Christian families removed completely from society like that. Yes, He does call some people to homeschool. He calls some of us to Christian schools, but He also calls others to public schools...and children will thrive no matter where He places them. We have to trust that God will care for His children no matter where we are!