Saturday, July 26, 2008

Can You Guess Who We Are Dressed As?

I thought I would post this picture of me and 2 of my friends in the 70's. Can you guess who we are dressed up as? I am the one in the bathing suit. The girl in the middle was my Maid of honor in my wedding and the first one is someone I lost touch with after junior high.

This is a quickie post because my in-laws are coming over for dinner and movie night tonight. That means we have been cleaning most of the day.

Nope my house is not always in shape for company. The Book Sidetracked Home Executives has a name for this- CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)

However I have dinner in the Crock pot- Awesome Crock Pot Lasagna. I made a big tossed salad. I sliced strawberries for dessert. Hubby and the kids whipped the rest of the house into shape. It looks pretty good now, especially with all the clutter off the dining room table.

I think For Movie Night We are Either going to show Ever After or National Treasure 2 We haven't decided yet.


a soldier's wife said...

Charlie's Angels???

Enjoy your company :)

motherofmany said...

The menu sounds fab, I like both movies, and I always enjoy the 'bonus' of a clean house after the guests leave. ;)

Deeny said...

Yep we are dressed as Charlie's Angels. I remember we were in Junior HIgh. Why we decided to dress up I can't remember and have no clue , but this picture sure dates us. :-)

And yes It might take company coming over (Especially my Mother-In -Law) to light a fire under us and get us motivated to do a thorough pick up/clean up job but it is nice after they leave and the day after to have all the work done. So i am enjoying the day. Have a great one guys. :-)