Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meal Planning: How I was Taught

Meal Planning
This Was the way I was Taught (As in the way my mother did it)
I think this is based on the 5 food group way of planning

Entree (usually a meat entree)
Starchy Compliment ( usually a potato, noodle or rice side dish. Bread optional)
Vegetable Side Dish
Dessert optional

I am trying to add more entrees that are vegetarian, however that is a bit more difficult with family preferences. The vegetarian menus that I have had the best luck with usually are pasta dishes, potato bar, quiche or vegetable soups and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Of course I love Casseroles and One Dish Meals. The entree, vegetable, and starchy compliment all combined together. Then all you need to add is a salad.

I also many times like to plan a big Sunday Roast of some kind (Beef, Pork, Chicken, etc) that will give me lots of meat leftovers to use in other things throughout the week.

I love vintage cookbooks. I especially love depression era cookbooks. There are so many things I have learned that you can make from scratch very easily. There are recipes that get around shortages such as how to make a cake without sugar, using other sweeteners. Or make a cake without butter or shortening using oil. Great recipes for stretching meat. Also it is just interesting. Some stuff they cook would sound really weird or gross to people today.

I have a WWII cookbook that is called the American Woman's Victory Cookbook. I'll look through it and see what real interesting recipes I can post.

Sample Meal Plans:

Beef Main Dish:            Swiss Steak
Starchy Compliment: Scalloped Potatoes
Vegetable:                       Buttered Green Beans
Salad:                               Spicy Apricot Mold
Dessert:                           Chocolate Cake

Pork Main Dish:           Fruit Stuffed Pork
Starchy Compliment: Baked Sweet Potatoes
Vegetable:                       Corn On the Cobb
Salad:                               Italian Salad Bowl
Dessert:                           Raspberry Sherbet

Poultry Main Dish:      BBQ Chicken
Starchy Compliment: Potato Salad
Vegetable:                       Summer Squash
Salad:                               Peach with Cottage Cheese Salad
Dessert:                           Strawberry Shortcake

Fish or Seafood Main Dish:   Tuna Salad Bake
Starchy Compliment:               Double Cornbread Sticks
Vegetable:                                     Carrots
Salad:                                             Tomato Slices
Dessert:                                         Baked Apples

Pasta Main Dish:             Lasagne
Starchy compliment:    French Bread
Vegetable:                          Italian Green Beans
Salad:                                  Tossed Green Salad
Dessert:                              Peach Cobbler

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Tracy said...

I don't know that I was ever taught about meal planning beyond "the more colourful the better". I find the thought process of Americans intriguing on this subject.

I think of my meal as a whole...not main and sides. I would never serve a salad with a meal as well as cooked vegies. I would meat, carb & salad OR meat, carb & cooked vegies. But not both.

And to me, a meal is not complete unless it has three vegies plus the potato or rice or pasta. With only two vegies, it just looks half hearted and not filling.

There ya go ~ menu planning a la Aussie style!